Hannah Hurtzig
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Carolin Hochleichter (left side ), Hannah Hurtzig (middle) and Anna
Malinowska (Hostess) at the Blackmarket Warsaw 05

Hannah Hurtzig lives in Berlin and works as a freelance dramaturge and curator.

Artistic director of Kampnagelfabrik in Hamburg from1985 to1990.

Programming director of the international festival THEATER DER WELT in Dresden in 1996 and in the artistic direction of the BONNER BIENALE, a European festival of contemporary drama, in 1998.

Concept and direction of the International Theater Academy Ruhr, A Meeting Point of Theater, Field Research and Philosophy on a Post-Industrial Site in Bochum 1999.

2000 - 2003: Dramaturge at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

2003 - 2005: Curator of Project ErsatzStadt (SubstituteCity), an initiative of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and Volksbühne am Rosa- Luxemburg- Platz.

Concept and direction of the Mobile Academy: Berlin 2004, Hebbel am Ufer/Akademie der Künste, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (September 2004)
and Mobile Academy Warsaw, summer 2006, funded by büro kopernikus German- polish cultural projects
A initiative of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Concept and direction of the Mobile Academy Warsaw 2006;

Selected installation projects on the thematics and metaphor of the library and of Archives:
Department for temporary memory, a media installation on the subject of the memory in art. Hamburger Kammerspiele (2000), Tulip House.

INFORMATION RETRIEVAL - Dialogues on Archiving, public art installation, British Museum, King's Library, London International Festival of Theatre (2001),

The Refugee: Services Rendered to Undesirables, Mobile Academy/ ErsatzStadt/ Volksbühne am Rosa- Luxemburg- Platz (2002), Tulip House.

The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy
April 2005, Kunstverein in Hamburg

The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy with 100 experts
Mai 2005, HEBBEL AM UFER, Berlin

and projects in public spaces, including,
Rolling-Road-Show, a mobile container theater, a joint project with the set designer Bert Neumann, Volksbühne am Rosa- Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin (2000/2001),

KIOSK for Useful Knowledge, the mobile research unit of the ErsatzStadt (2003/2004), tulip house.

Selected dramaturgical activities:
DU - DIE STADT (You - The City). An urban play in 15 sequences for one spectator. Fiona Templeton, New York, Munich 1991

Feel time, Les Levine, New York. Billboard Art, Lenbachhaus , Munich 1992

Going Bye Byes. Stephen Taylor Woodrow, Munich Orangerie, Englischer Garten 1992

BLOOMSDAY. Eighteen hour dramatic reading of James Joyce's Ulysses, 16 June, 1988 Hamburg, 16 June, 1991 Munich

The Passions of Natasha, Nokiko, Nicola, Nanette and Norma
Barbara Bloom/ Shelley Hirsch. Bavarian Staatsschauspiel, Vienna Festival Weeks, Hebbel Theater Berlin 1993

A Voyeur is a Witness is a Customer. A Trilogy on the Subject of the Audience
Jerzy Kalina, Warsaw, David Maayan, Israel, Dirk Groeneveld, Amsterdam,
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 1994

I LAB U - A Laboratory for the Research of Memory. Akko Theater Center, Israel. David Mayaan. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 1994 and the Vienna Festival Weeks 1995

MEMORY ARENA. A Journey into the Archive. Arnold Dreyblatt/ Fred Pommerehn
Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg 1995

Lovepangs. heavygirlslighten, congress at the Volksbühne am Rosa- Luxemburg- Platz 2001

THE LADY IS NOT TO BE BURNED. Michael Simon, Dramatic Sketches, Dokumenta X, Kassel 1998

Ye Yan. The Night Banquet. Chen Shi Zheng/ Guo Wenjing
Festival d'Automne, Paris, Lincoln Center, New York, Berlin 2001

Various features and radio plays for the Austrian Rundfunk, journalism, interviews, etc. for THEATER HEUTE and THEATERSCHRIFT
Editor: Imitation of Life. Bert Neumann Bühnenbilder, Theater der Zeit Verlag, 2001

Teaching positions:
DASARTS Advanced Research for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, University of Hamburg in the department of Literary Studies, 2000, Endowed Professor at the Ruhr University in Bochum in the department of Theater Studies in 1999