The Copycat Academy

June 9-15, 2014

The Theatre Centre

Toronto, Canada

Gabriel von Max ............................................................General Idea

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June 9-15, 2014
Place: The Theatre Centre, Toronto, Canada

Extended Application Deadline: Monday April, 7th!

Application process

The Copycat Academy accepts applications from all around the world, from artists of all fields and backgrounds. Applicants are asked to create and submit a short video. The video can take any shape but should respond to the following three assignments drawn from the work of General Idea and their publication project FILE Magazine (1972-'89):

1. AN IMAGE: Please send your image of the year 2033/34

2. THE SELF-PORTRAIT: Manipulating the self. The head is separate, the hand is separate. Body and mind are separate. The hand is a mirror for the mind – wrap your arm over your head, lodging your elbow behind and grabbing your chin with your hand. The act is now complete. Held, you are holding. You are object and subject, viewed and yoyeur. Please send photos of yourself in this position.

3. ADMINISTRATING: Orgasm energy chart. Record your performance.

All applications must be submitted electronically to the email address below. Video files should be attached in easily readable formats such as .mov and .mp4; alternatively, a link to online video will be accepted. Video submissions by the artists selected to participate may be used by the Luminato Festival to promote the Copycat Academy.

Along with the video or link, applicants should attach a CV and a brief letter describing a current project. Please use .pdf format for attachments. Note: limited travel support for artists from outside of Toronto is available. Applicants in need of travel support should indicate their need in the letter they include in their application.

No more than 20 artists will be selected to participate in The Copycat Academy. All participating artists will be provided with hotel accomodation and per diem for the duration of the week, as well as access to other Luminato Festival events.

Extended Application Deadline: Monday April, 7th!
To submit your application or to make other inquiries email Evan Webber, Associate Producer at