The Immobilized, or Salle des Pas Perdus.

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Jarrestraße 20, Hamburg


6 JUNE 2017, 7 p.m. (premiere)
7 JUNE 2017 6.30 und 9.00 p.m. (mainly in English)

HAMBURG, Theater der Welt, Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20
Tickets 12 EURO/ reduced 9 EURO Buy Tickets

Mobile Akademie Berlin:
Concept, Video & Stage: Hannah Hurtzig
Research & Dramaturgy: Marian Kaiser
Architecture: Florian Stirnemann
Research Black Atlantic: Sarah Lewis-Cappellari
Head of Artistic Production: Eva Lämmerzahl
Project Coordinator: Laura Weber
Audio: Lukas Grundmann
Technical Direction & Lights: Andreas Harder
Hosts and Hostesses: Daniel Chelminiak, Claudia Lomoschitz, Carolin Jüngst, Paula Löffler, Sven-Jan Schmitz
Video documentation: Matthias Maercks

Dramaturgy Kampnagel: Uta Lambertz
Production Kampnagel: André Huppertz-Teja
Technical Director Kampnagel: Markus Booth
Stage Kampnagel: Carsten Wiese

THE ARENA - Milieu of the Dead
The Applicants: Philipp Ekardt, Petra Gehring, Karin Harrasser
The Evaluators: Hartmut Böhme, Christiane Voss
Video - Actress: Susanne Sachsse, Camera & Edit: Philipp Hochleiter
Simultaneous Translation (June 7.): Lilian-Astrid Geese, Niels Hamdorf
The simultaneous translation has been made possible with the support of PSi-Congress "OverFlow".

THE TAROT - Logistics and Legends
Black Atlantic: Christina Elizabeth Sharpe, Nana Adusei-Poku, Thomas Meinecke
Research Black Atlantic: Sarah Lewis-Cappellari
Logistics: Detlev Aßmus, Prof. Carlos Jahn, Ian Karan, Alexander Klose
Continental Shelf Commission: Alexander Lahl, Max Mönch

THE GARDEN - Ecology of the Dead
Directior: Hannah Hurtzig
Performance: Vinciane Despret und Marijs Boulogne,, Bojana Cvejic Hannah Hurtzig, Kobe Matthys,  Berno Polzer
Camera: Eric Menard

PROJECTION - Image Description
Texts: Philipp Ekardt, Petra Gehring, Karin Harrasser, Hannah Hurtzig, Alexander Klose, Marian Kaiser, Sonja Lau, Sibylle Peters
Voice: Jeanette Spassova
Video: Phillip Hohenwarter
Research Bildbeschreibung: Sonja Lau

CASTING - dropdeadgeorgous
Casting Director Hamburg: Susanne Sachsse
Casting Director Windhoek: Vaginal Davis
Video Trailer & Edit Casting: Phillip Hohenwarter
Camera Casting: Wiktor Filip Gacparski
Make-Up Sachsse: Akira Knightley
In cooperation with the Namibian-German-Spanish TV production company 'dropdeadgorgeous'.

Architect: Florian Stirnemann
Stage: Bartmann Berlin
Steel Construction: Ertl & Zull
Railing System and Curtain: Gerriets

We wish to thank:
Uferstudios Berlin, Barbara Bilabel, Mücke Quinckhardt

The Ocean as Transit Space between Life and Death

A mechanised arena in which the dead and the living wander about. A card game, the stakes the future of the ocean floor, the history of the container and the present-day Black Atlantic. A casting for corpse actors and actresses. A DJ set for Water Babies. A cookery show and a funeral banquet. Welcome to the Waiting Room of Lost Steps.

It all begins with the scene of an overloaded boat on the Mediterranean. The passengers stand motionless for the whole of the crossing, the bodies pressed together form a piece of solid cargo, too much movement would capsize the boat. This image stands at the beginning of a Story of the Immobilized: it tells of people turned into cargo on slave ships, of time stilled for the goods on a long journey, of human pupae cryoconserved in nitrogen tanks awaiting their artificial resurrection. And it tells of the absence of the dead amongst the living. There is a lot of talk about the dead today, and even more about dying, but the dead and the ancestors don't wander about. They need a special milieu to be able to be present absent, as is their way. They find it in the Waiting Room of Lost Steps. The images and stories of the past and the future converge here, the former them (the living) meet the future us (the dead) and other immobilized. The catastrophe has always already happened, now everyone is romping around in the transit space of history. Brisk radio communication is going on here. In the Waiting Room of Lost Steps one can follow the communication on five radio channels in a walk-in and strictly synchronized performative installation.

The various scenes are all simultaneously active: a mechanically animated arena, a garden with water and television sprinkling, a game of tarot with the future of the ocean at stake, the morgue of a TV production, and a historically mission-conscious music channel. Experts from science, art, and economics share their knowledge on logistics, bathymetry, thanatology, corpse acting, or the Black Atlantic at each of these stations. Through headphones the audience can tune into each of the speech acts on five channels.

What if the boat had capsized? Onto what territory do those who drown on the high seas sink? We predict a coming conflict: the contemporary distribution of the ocean floor to the national states by the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, the largest land allocation ever to take place, collides with a different, older sphere of influence. In the ocean depths, the fossil-fuel interests of the national states come up against the legendary territories of the Water Babies, the descendants of black women thrown overboard from slave ships who learnt to breathe underwater.

The Arena - The Milieu of the Dead

The heart of the performance is a mechanised, spiral-shaped arena that alternately includes and excludes viewers and protagonists and can transform into a stage, a cinema and a hearing room. In this special architecture the philosopher Petra Gehring, the cultural theorist Karin Harrasser, and the literary theorist and art historian Philipp Ekardt defend their research proposal on improving the conditions for producing a milieu of or for the dead. The review board is made up of the media philosopher Christiane Voss and the cultural theorist Hartmut Böhme.

The Tarot - Land and Sea

Not every theme is suitable for dialogue. Here, things happen move for move. Two competitors sit opposite one another, each has 10 cards for 10 arguments, theses, or stories. Round 1: the arguments of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf meet the visions of the Water Babies of the Black Atlantic. On one side the investigative journalists Alexander Lahl and Max Mönch, on the other the theorists Christina Sharpe (6.7) and Nana Adusei-Poku (7.7). Round 2: logistics is the joy of the seamless supply chain and also the levelling of the local. Is the container the smallest common unit of modernity or a Pandora's Box?The container expert Alexander Klose meets the Hamburg logistics experts Carlos Jahn (6.7), Ian Karan (7.7, 6:30 pm) and Detlef Aßmus (7.7., 9 pm).

The Garden - the Ecology of the Dead

In 2015/16 the film An Ecology of the Dead presented the Belgian philosopher Vinciane Despret. In her view, the sciences have created a particularly hostile environment for the dead through the arrogant academic distinction between fact and imagination, knowledge and faith, dead and living. Despret has collected stories of the living who have had contact with the dead. Storytelling seems to her to be the best way of making an inventive presence possible for the dead.

The Black Atlantic Sound - Songs and Stories

In 1995 the Detroit techno duo Drexciya releases the album The Quest and announces the surfacing of Drexciyans from the depths of the Black Atlantic: descendants of black women thrown overboard from slave ships while on the Middle Passage. They have learnt how to breathe underwater. When they resurface, at sea, up river, in harbour cities, they speak in sounds, clicks, cuts, swirls, spheres, treble and bass. The writer and DJ Thomas Meinecke follows the story of the Water Babies and Drexciyans of the Black Atlantic in songs and tales.

The Casting - a cooperation with the TV production company: dropdeadgorgeous

The German-Spanish-Namibian production company dropdeadgorgeous is looking for an actress to play the role of a corpse for their new miniseries Memory Speak. In a public workshop, the prospective actress is joined by the internationally renowned corpse actress Susanne Sachsse and her colleague Vaginal Davis, who provide instruction on method acting for corpse acting and the art of playing dead people. The workshop includes deep psychological and meditative exercises, effective methods for relaxing the face and advanced techniques for shallow breathing.

The Immobilized or: Salle des Pas Perdus.
A project by Mobile Academy Berlin in coproduction with Theater der Welt, funded by Elbkulturfonds.
The construction of the mechanical arena has been made possible by the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss. Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and Media.